Big Changes Ahead!


I realize that Netwisp has often been far more quiet than what I’d like about who we are, the services we offer, and how we can help you be on the web and cloud. Our goal with starting this blog is to change this by starting to discuss the improvements we’re bringing for everyone. In many ways, we’ve never implemented this many new features at one time in our history and there are many new exciting things to share with everyone.

The most significant change of course is that we finally have a new website that has most of the current services we offer and we’ll be adding services and content in the coming months. One of the new plans coming up will be a managed wordpress hosting service for people who want worry free high performance hosting for their blogs. We already help many people maintain their wordpress sites on our shared plans, but we’d like to create plans that are specific for this task. We’ve also added live chat support to make it easier to reach us when you have questions. We hope that you like the new website and our new plans and welcome your feedback for additional ways that we can improve it.

The second change is that we’re almost done integrating our services with our members area. For our shared/reseller customers, you’ll now able to log into cPanel from your members area and vice versa (accessing your members area from cPanel). For our virtual server customers, you’ll be able to manage your VPS/VM from the members area as well as see graphs of your server’s performance. We’ll be adding VNC support so you can console into them as well. We hope that this will help make it easier for you to manage your services with us.

The third change is that we’re also in the process of upgrading everyone to newer, faster servers that are being configured with tiered storage in order to take advantage of solid state drives. SSD technology has matured to the point where they’re reliable and cost effective enough to be used in IO heavy workloads like web hosting. But we have taken a different route than the other hosting companies and I will discuss how our tiered storage setups will set us apart from the other providers out there.

Finally, as we’ve done in the past, we have been upgrading everyone to our new expanded plans on the newer servers at no extra charge. We want to reward everyone who has trusted us to host their websites with the additional resources without having to ask for it. Thank you for being with us and we hope that you all enjoy the changes we’re making to improve your hosting experience.


Hal Bouma

Netwisp Web Hosting Services