New Shared Hosting Features

As we’ve mentioned, we’re having a number of great new features being rolled out for our shared (and reseller) hosting plans. Here’s a list of what’s being added.

Unmetered Bandwidth*

All of our shared hosting plans come with unmetered bandwidth! You can now express yourself as much as you want on your websites hosted with us! No matter how many people visit your websites, you don’t have to worry about using too much bandwidth!

Tiered SSD Storage

All of our servers now come with tiered storage featuring solid state drives! If you have a busy website, its content will get moved to solid state drives for optimal performance! You can read more about this new feature on our blog here: tiered-ssd-storage !

Doubled The RAM

We’ve doubled the RAM on all of our shared servers for improved performance!

Expanded Backups*

We’re expanded the retention policy of our backups from 1 week to 4 weeks! You also now have the ability to restore backups directly from R1Soft from your control panel!

Apache 2.4 with Worker MPM

We’ve updated to the latest Apache webserver and switched to its new event driven handler for the fastest possible performance!

MariaDB 10.0

The original creators of MySQL are back with MariaDB, a MySQL compatible database that offers many improvements including better performance. For a comparison checklist, you can go here: mariadb-10-vs-mysql-56-feature-comparison-update . We’ve updated to this version to bring all of these new features to everyone!

Hardened PHP

No longer is running a website that needs an discontinued PHP version like 5.2 an issue. CloudLinux is now backporting all PHP security updates to older versions of PHP including 4.4! You’re now able to continue hosting your website without having to worry about support for that PHP version being dropped!


All of our servers now offer PHP 7 which was released last fall. If you’re looking to turbo charge your WordPress or PHP site, switching to PHP 7 will help you do this. You can read this article hhvm-vs-php-7 to see how you can almost double the number of visitors to your WordPress site by switching to PHP 7! It also provides a huge improvement for Drupal and Joomla. You’ll also want to make sure you enable OpCache to further boost your script’s performance!


All of our servers come with Memcached which you can integrate into your apps (Such as with W3TC on WordPress) to further improve the performance of your website. Combined with the PHP OpCache module, you can greatly improve the performance of your website!

Ruby and Python Selector

Now in addition to being able to select a PHP version for your account, you can now also select a Ruby and Python version for your website as well! You can now use Python versions 2.6, 2.7, 3.3, 3.4, and 3.5. For Ruby, you can select versions 1.8, 1.9, 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2!

SSL Certificates On Shared IPs

Our servers now support Server Name Identification (SNI). This means you no longer need a dedicated IP for an SSL enabled website!

Free SSL Certificates!

Our servers now offer free SSL certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt! You can read more about their free SSL certificates here: Combined with SNI, SSL hosting is now free for everyone. You can still order a SSL certificate if you need the trust branding seals and added warranties to help assure your website visitors that they are secure.

Enterprise Spam Filtering

Our larger shared hosting plans now come with SpamExperts, an enterprise grade spam filter that you can manage from cPanel! Spam can now be a thing of the past for your emails!

New Website Builder

We’ve rolled out a new responsible website builder to help you build your websites. If you’re still looking for rvSiteBuilder, that is still there, but we hope you like┬áthe new website builder.


We hope that you like these new features being added and we have more planned coming up!

* Unmetered bandwidth and R1Soft backup integration is not currently available on our reseller plans.