New VPS & Cloud Features

As part of our recent round of upgrades, here’s what we’ve done to improve our VPS and Cloud Servers:

Tiered SSD Storage

All of our servers now come with tiered storage featuring solid state drives! If you have a busy server, its content will get moved to solid state drives for optimal performance! You can read more about this new feature on our blog here: tiered-ssd-storage !

More Powerful Servers

Our hardware nodes have increased from 8 and 12 cores to 24 cores; they’re faster than ever before. We’ve also increased the RAM on them as well.

Expanded Backups

We’re increased the retention policy of our backups from 1 week to 4 weeks!

KVM Hypervisor

We’ve switched from Virtuozzo’s hypervisor to the faster, more reliable KVM hypervisor. If you have a KVM based server at any provider, now we can migrate you over without having to make any changes!

New Control Panel Features

Our VPS and Cloud servers now have a new control panel that gives you the choice of changing your OS when you reinstall your server. It also now provides you with graphs of your server’s load, traffic, and memory usage. You can also now manage your server from its service section in WHMCS as well as connect to your control panel.


We hope that you like these new features we’ve¬†added and we have more planned coming up!